Frost Cloths (Pick-up in Bluffton)
Frost Cloths (Pick-up in Bluffton)
Frost Cloths (Pick-up in Bluffton)

Frost Cloths (Pick-up in Bluffton)

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Frost Cloths are now available for sale at Taylor's Landscape Supply

Protect your flowers, trees, and shrubs with frost cloths!

Dimensions: 72" x 60" x12"

The light-weight frost cloth traps heat and moisture as well as speeds up the germination process. As a result, frost cloths from Taylor's can improve crop yields. Stop by Taylor's Landscape Supply in Bluffton to purchase a frost cloth that will help better protect your plants from severe winter weather conditions.

  • The fabric is UV-protected, light-blocking, and reusable, ensuring that warm air and moisture reach your plants.
  • Easy installation, easy to cover it on the plant top personally
  • Protect your vegetable garden with a multi-application. Tomato, pepper, pumpkin, strawberry rows, fruit trees, citrus and shrub gardens, flowers, and newly-sown grass are all protected.
  • Winter protect plants from snow, hail, frost, and insects during the winter as well as birds in the summer.

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