Sun City Gets Gardening Advice from Taylor's Landscape Supply

Do you love gardening, but don't know where to start? Taylor's Landscape Supply has the answer!

Taylor's Landscape Supply provided a fun and educational presentation about Lowcountry Flowers to the Sun City Garden Club.

Lauren, one of Taylor's team leaders, taught the group how to grow and maintain a variety of flowers as well as the appropriate flower for your garden.


She also took questions from the crowd and offered her own gardening advice! Everyone who attended the presentation was enthused about creating their own Lowcountry Flower Garden!

At Taylor's Landscape Supply, we love to share tips and tricks so that you can get the most out of your garden. The Spring season is the best time to plant flowers plants and shrubs because the weather is mild and there is plenty of rainfall.

The Spring weather in the Lowcountry area allows plants to grow and thrive without having to worry about extreme temperatures or drought. In addition, many flowers are in bloom during the Spring, so you can enjoy a beautiful garden all year long!


Remember... when it comes to your landscape, we're here to help you win!