Choosing the Best Granite for Your Savannah Landscape: A Local's Guide to Top Varieties

Welcome to our deep dive into the world of granite, a versatile and durable material perfect for various landscaping projects.

At Taylor's Landscape Supply in Savannah, we offer a wide range of granite types tailored for different uses—from enhancing garden aesthetics to building sturdy driveways. Here's a closer look at each granite type and how you can use them effectively in your next project.

1. Riprap Granite:

Riprap is large, rough-edged rocks typically used to stabilize slopes, prevent erosion, and enhance the aesthetics of large-scale outdoor areas. It's perfect for creating rugged, natural-looking borders around properties or along coastlines. In your home garden, riprap can be strategically placed to create a dramatic contrast with softer landscaping elements.

2. Granite Fines (Screenings):

Also known as M10, granite fines are small, crushed granite particles that are excellent for creating smooth and stable pathways. These fines compact well, making them a great choice for walkways that blend naturally into your garden setting. They also allow water to permeate, which means they help maintain the health of surrounding plant life while providing a firm footing.

3. 89 Granite (Pea Gravel):

This type of granite is small, typically pea-sized, and works well for pathways, driveways, and as part of rock gardens. Mixed with granite screenings, it forms what is known as a plantation mix, providing an ideal base for pavers and ensuring a stable yet aesthetically pleasing ground cover that's easy on the feet and perfect for barefoot walking.

4. Number 7 Granite:

Slightly larger than 89 granite, number 7 granite offers a coarser texture that is still comfortable underfoot. It's an excellent choice for more heavily trafficked areas like driveways and larger pathways. Its size and durability make it suitable for residential areas where foot traffic is a consideration.

5. Number 57 Granite: Ideal for French drains and other drainage systems, number 57 granite features larger stones that facilitate effective water management. This granite type is crucial for preventing water accumulation in your yard, making it an essential element for maintaining the landscape’s integrity and health.

6. Number 4 Granite:

The largest of the granites discussed, number 4 is typically used in commercial applications and heavy-duty environments. Its large size makes it perfect for construction entrances where it helps clean the tires of vehicles entering and exiting the site. Additionally, it’s an excellent choice for high drainage areas.

7. Crushed Granite:

Versatile and aesthetically pleasing, crushed granite is used for driveways and as a base material under structures like greenhouses. It compacts well, providing a solid foundation that also manages to enhance the visual appeal of the area.

Granite is not only practical but also beautiful. At Taylor's Landscape Supply in Savannah, we provide a comprehensive range of granite types to suit every landscaping need. Whether you're looking to create a quaint garden path, a sturdy driveway, or effective drainage solutions, granite is an excellent choice. Visit us to see how these granites can transform your outdoor space, or contact us for more advice on selecting the right material for your project.

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