Fertilizing Your Plants and Flowers During Winter in the Lowcountry

Fertilizing Plants in the Winter Months

As winter approaches, it’s important to know what plants need fertilizer and when to apply it. Certain plants, such as annuals, vegetables, and pansies, are actively growing during the winter months and require proper care. In this blog post, we will explore why it is important to fertilize these plants in the wintertime and which products are best for the job.

Why Fertilize in Winter?

It is essential to feed these winter plants with a quality fertilizer so they continue to grow and thrive despite the cold temperatures.

Without extra nutrients, these plants may start to look weak and pale or even stop growing entirely. Applying a fertilizer with a fungicide can also help protect against fungus growth due to potential excess water from rain or snow.

Which Fertilizers Should I Use During the Winter in the Lowcountry?

Nelson Color Star is an excellent choice for fertilizing your winter plants because it contains both nitrogen and a fungicide. Nitrogen is essential for healthy leaf growth while the fungicide helps protect against potential fungus brought on by excess moisture from rain or snow.

Additionally, Nelson Color Star is specially formulated for use on everything from annuals and vegetables to pansies and cyclamen — so you don't have to worry about getting two different kinds of fertilizers if you have multiple plant types!

Fertilizing your winter plants with a high-quality products that you can find at your local Taylor's Landscape Supply is essential if you want them to remain strong throughout the colder months ahead.

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So, stop by and see us today, and then get out there and start giving your winter garden the nourishment it deserves!

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