The Newest Location for Taylor's Landscape Supply

Taylor's Landscape Supply in Savannah, GA is the newest location specializing in rocks, dirt, sand, gravel, and mulches for contractors and residential customers.

Taylor's Landscape Supply is Adding a New Nursery Expansion to its Beaufort Location!

Taylor's Landscape Supply is pleased to announce a new nursery addition will be built on the site of its Beaufort location.

Where to Buy Mulch and Pine straw in Bluffton, SC | Taylor's Landscape Supply
Taylors Landscape Supply is the Lowcountry and Coastal Empire's leading provider of mulch! At all of our convenient sites, we have one of the most popular mulches in stock. We're here to help you win when when it comes to your landscape needs.
Poinsettias Now Available at Taylor's in Bluffton!
Poinsettias are native to Mexico and are part of the Euphorbia family, which is well-known for its bright bracts. A species is also grown as a cut bloom. They're generally used to decorate during the winter holidays, although they may be appreciated as beautiful green plants all year.
Japanese Maples are now available at Taylor's!

Japanese Maples are now available at Taylor's Landscape Supply in Bluffton, South Carolina.

What Are Japanese Maples?

Japanese maples (Acer palmatum) are a beautiful and graceful tree that is a wonderful addition to any yard. Once established, they are practically carefree and provide year-round appeal with their ever-changing beauty.

NEW! Palm Trees Have Arrived at Taylor's in Bluffton, SC!

A palm tree is one of the most iconic things that symbolize the our area of the Lowcountry.

It's crucial to prepare your new Palm Trees from Taylor's Landscape Supply site correctly after you've chosen the greatest location for them on your property. Sulfur is a soil amendment that should be used to alleviate excessively alkaline soil.

Bamboo Trees Now at Taylor's Landscape Supply in Bluffton
Bamboo is going to be a great plant, whether you've had them for years or whether you're looking at the accident to your garden. They can be maintained a little bit shorter, similar to a hedge, or let them grow and be beautiful and add an Asian look to your yard in general, it's an easy to care for a plant, little maintenance to it. After it's established, you need to know water, put it in your garden, let it go and enjoy the beauty of it.
It is a great day to get better at Taylor's
At Taylor's We're Here to Help You WIN! At Taylor's, we are continuously striving to invest in our team members, key leaders and store managers. We have committed over the last few months to have our key leadership team visit...
Pansies, Viola, Snapdragons, & More Arriving Weekly
Taylor's Landscape Supply is your one stop, local landscape supply shop! Every week, Pansy and snapdragon flowers are being delivered to Taylor's Landscape Supply in Bluffton! Taylor's is the greatest spot to get all of your landscaping supplies. Taylor's has...
New White River Rocks | See New Arrivals from Taylor's Landscape Supply in Summerville, SC
Taylor's Landscape Supply provides a large range of landscaping supplies and professional services, including delivery, palm tree planting, bouldering, and the use of tractors or large equipment for big trees.
Our 4th Annual Team Leader Summit - We Invest in our Key Leaders at Taylor's Landscape Supply
At Taylor's Landscape Supply, one of our core values is family. Taking the time to train and grow as a family is a priority at Taylor's. We reviewed goals and set new ones. 
National Hotdog Day Celebration at Taylor's Landscape Supply in Bluffton
Taylor's Landscape Supply would like to thank all of you for joining us in celebrating National Hotdog Day! At our Bluffton location, we had plenty of hotdogs and activities to go around. The highlight was definitely the Annual Hotdog Eating...
Mornings with our Customers
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It's All In The Mix | Taylor's Organic Plant Mix
Gardening Tips & Tricks with Gerrick Taylor, Taylor's Quality Landscape Supply & Nursery Gerrick Taylor, Taylor's Quality Landscape Supply, here in Bluffton, South Carolina, back with another Blog Post! Today I'm going to tell you about the most popular plant...
🍊 CITRUS NOW IN STOCK 🍊 | Taylor's Quality Landscape Supply & Nursery
Taylors Quality Landscape Supply is happy to announce that we have just received new citrus plants. These plants are a great way to add some color and life into your garden this spring. Citrus trees can be used as an...
April 2021 Giveaway
WIN A LIMITED EDITION STARS & STRIPES HAT Good afternoon, Gerrick Taylor, from Taylor's Landscape Supply and Nursery here at our Bluffton location. Want to tell you about a giveaway that we're giving away one of our limited edition Stars...
How to Place Special Orders in the Nursery at Taylor's in Bluffton (and when!)
We really enjoy engaging with our customers on social media, and recently, we've getting a lot of questions about how to place a special order online. Be sure to always check in with us on social media as we're going...
Who's Ready For Spring Time in the Lowcountry & Coastal Empire
Spring Season Special Savings at Taylor's Have Arrived! More shipments arriving! Truck #2 of 10 this week!! Never miss the plants and products you're looking for at Taylor's Quality Landscape & Nursery by join our  VIP CLUB. Get 10% off...
Nursery manager, Lauren, is here to answer your questions about special orders and deliveries! | Taylor's Quality Landscape Supply & Nursery
How To Place Orders for Taylor's Landscape Supply & Nursery Everybody Wants To Know: 1. When we get plants in?, 2. When do we get them? 3. How do you go about ordering plants? 4. And what days do our...
We are preparing the tables as we anxiously await 10 deliver trucks between now and Saturday!
Can you guess what will soon fill these tables?!!
Taylor’s HHI Announcement
Taylor’s Landscape Supply is coming to Hilton Head Island SC. Mulch, Pinestraw, Rock Sands and Gravels available for pick up or delivery.