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Citrus Plant at Taylor's Landscape Supply

Citrus plants are a great way to add flavor into your diet. They're also an excellent addition to any landscaping since they produce fruit for you and attract beautiful birds and butterflies. If you've been looking for the perfect citrus plant to buy, we have just what you need! We picked up a shipment of beautiful citrus trees just yesterday

  • Beautiful aroma
  • Extraordinary aesthetic
  • Delicious fruits!

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Taylor's Team Members

Taylor's Nursery invites you to come and see our new shipment of beautiful plants! We have a wide variety of local, exotic, and plants on site. Our expert team would be delighted to help you find the right plant for your home or company today!

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  • Greg Campbell

    What citrus do you have in the 10 gallon size? Key lime or Meyer lemon?? Larger? 30 gallon?

  • Patricia Jones

    Do you have Cocktail Citrus Trees in stock?

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