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Introducing Taylor's Landscape Supply's Guide to Mums

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Mums are a beautiful, hardy plant that can add a pop of color to any garden or landscape. Just take a look at the photos from the Habersham Harvest Festival a few weeks ago for more great examples. But, like all plants, they need to be properly cared for in order to thrive.

Here at Taylor's Landscape Supply, we have many years of experience helping our customers create beautiful outdoor spaces, and we know a thing or two about mums.

This guide will cover everything you need to know about planting and caring for mums, including the right way to plant them, how to care for them, and design ideas to help you make the most of your mums.

So whether you're a seasoned gardener or a first-time mum planter, we hope this guide will help you get the most out of your mums.

The Right Way to Plant Mums in the Savannah, Summerville Bluffton, Beaufort, and Hilton Head Island Areas

There are a few things to keep in mind when planting mums here in the Lowcountry. First, make sure you are planting them in well-drained soil. Mums do not like wet feet, so be sure to plant them in an area that does not stay too wet. Second, mums need full sun to partial shade.

They will not bloom as well in full shade. Third, when you are planting mums, be sure to plant them at the same depth they were in the container. You can also add a bit of compost to the hole to help them get started.

How to Care for Mums in the Lowcountry

Once your mums are planted, there are a few things you need to do to care for them. First, water them regularly, making sure the soil stays moist but not wet. Second, fertilize them regularly with a 5-10-5 fertilizer. This will help them bloom well. Third, deadhead the spent flowers to encourage new growth. Fourth, if you live in an area with a lot of deer, you may need to protect your mums with a deer-resistant fencing.

Landscape Design Ideas with Mums

You can use mums in an infinite number of ways to design your landscape! We love these ideas:

  • Plant mums in containers and add them to your porch or patio for a pop of color.
  • Use mums as annuals in the fall to fill in gaps in your garden.
  • Plant mums around the edge of your garden bed for a beautiful border.
  • Planting mums in mass is a great way to make a bold statement in your landscape.
  • They can be used as a border or as a focal point in your garden.
  • Mums can also be used as an accent plant.
  • Try using them to accent a shrub border or as a pop of color in your perennial garden.
  • Plant Them in Pots: Mums also make great potted plants. They can be used to add color to your porch or patio, or even as a centerpiece for your table.

Q&A with the Gerrick and other Experts from Taylor's

Interested in the most common questions we get about mums? Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions, along with our expert answers:

1. What is the best time to plant mums?

The best time to plant mums is in the spring or early summer. This will give them time to establish themselves before the hot summer weather hits.

2. How often should I water mums?

Mums should be watered regularly, making sure the soil stays moist but not wet.

3. What type of fertilizer should I use on mums?

We recommend using a 5-10-5 fertilizer on mums. This will help them bloom well.

4. Should I deadhead my mums?

Yes, you should deadhead your mums to encourage new growth.

5. Do mums need full sun?

Mums need full sun to partial shade in order to bloom well.


Looking for more information on mums? Have a question about planting or caring for them? Feel free to DM Taylor's Landscape Supply on social media for quick, instant answers. We're always happy to help!

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