Kevin Hamblin Bio

Welcome Kevin Hamblin, to Taylor's Landscape Suppply!

Personal Life:

I am very fortunate to have been happily married to my college sweetheart, Jennifer, for 37 years.

We have 2 adult children, Abby (28), who is a professional equestrian, and Matt (24), a business consultant with Deloitte.

Most recently, we added a son-in-law, Jonathan, who is in the home building business. So, our only dependent at home now is our 2 year old German Shepherd, Oakely.

Hobbies include golfing, fishing, cattle farming, and landscaping our yard.

Business Life:

I was able to enjoy 18 years in the building supply and hardware business.  We were able to grow a one store operation into 5 Ace Hardware stores with full lumber yards.  After selling the business, I eventually went to work with Lowe’s as a store manager for almost 9 years. Fortunately, the management style and values that I brought

to the table at Lowe’s from my experience as a small business owner, were very well received by my employees and customers. My store received every award that Lowe’s had to offer, even store manager and store of the year.  

In my spare time as an operator of 5 Ace Stores and while managing a Lowe’s, we were able to build a cattle business that is still in operation today.

While I have been blessed beyond measure, and fully recognize where the success I’ve enjoyed has come from, my achievements were made possible by consistently putting together a team that always watched out for and helped each other, they had a strong desire to achieve success in both life and business, and they had a passion for taking care of customers.

After I get my feet on the ground as the store manager of Taylor’s in Bluffton, I’m confident that I can pull from my experience and help put together some systems and strategies to continue this location’s success for years to come.



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