Upgrade Your Lowcountry Landscaping This Winter with Taylor's Landscape Supply

Are you looking for ways to spruce up your home or business' landscaping during the winter months? At Taylor's Landscape Supply, we have great deals on Pinestraw, Mulch, Sand, Dirt, and Gravel that can help improve your outdoor space.

Time to Freshen Up those Pine straw Beds

Pine-straw is an excellent material for filling in bare spots around your home or business. It adds a decorative touch to your yard, and also helps protect plants from winter weather. In addition, pinestraw helps prevent erosion of the soil and helps keep moisture in during periods of drought.

We've Got the Best Selection of Mulch from Savannah to Summerville!

Mulch is another great material for improving landscaping in the winter months. Not only does it add color and texture to your landscape design, but it also helps insulate plants, retain moisture in the soil, and can prevent weed growth.

Wide Selection of Sand, Dirt and Gravel at Taylor's in Beaufort and Bluffton

Sand is an essential part of any landscaping project as it provides structure and stability to soil beds. It also helps improve drainage around plants while keeping them well hydrated throughout the season.

And if you’re looking to level out an area or fill in holes in your lawn, dirt or gravel are great options as they provide both form and function when used correctly!

We're Here to Help You Win with Your Landscape

With Taylor's Landscape Supply on your side, upgrading your Lowcountry landscaping this winter has never been easier! Our quality products will give you the perfect results every time so you can enjoy a beautiful outdoor space all year long!

Whether you're a homeowner looking for new ways to spruce up their lawn or a contractor seeking affordable materials for their next big project—Taylor's Landscape Supply has got you covered! Stop by today and see what we have to offer!

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