How to Place Special Orders in the Nursery at Taylor's in Bluffton (and when!)

We really enjoy engaging with our customers on social media, and recently, we've getting a lot of questions about how to place a special order online.

Be sure to always check in with us on social media as we're going to answer a couple of questions today. Everybody wants to know when we get plants in, when do we get them? How do you go about ordering plants and what days do our new arrivals come in? So as you can see, today's Tuesday and we have a whole bunch of plants on the ground. Anything from annual perennials, some grasses, shrubs, anything you can imagine comes in throughout the entire week.

When To Plant Orders?

Our plant orders go in on Mondays. So, Monday by 12, o'clock, all of our orders have to be placed with our vendors in order to get it by that Friday things happen. We don't always get the trucks, shipping drivers delivery, anything can go wrong, but typically by the time you order us place on Monday, it should be here by Friday.

We typically get shrubs in Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, annuals and perennials are typically Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and then our larger trees and shrubs can be anywhere from Tuesday to Friday.

It depends on where we fall in their delivery schedule. Cause we are not their only customer, just as many of y'all are our customers as well. So they put fitness into their schedule to make sure that they can accommodate for all of their customers as well. So if you're looking for anything in particular, let us know, we can let you know the availability, the pricing, a rough size of what that plant can be. Anything you're looking for. Email us, call us, let us know. We'll be able to get you the prompt, the appropriate information that you're looking for. Let us know. Thank you.

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