How To Plant A Palm Tree | Taylor's Quality Landscape Supply & Nursery

Today I want to show you a quick and easy process for planting a Palm tree.

One of the first things that we have to do is dig our hole for our Palm tree. When you're digging your hole, obviously we'll want to go wider and deeper than what is necessarily required. You know, the saying is you want to "invest into your hole"... You might say that, you want a $5 hole for a $0.50 plant invest... again, invest in your hole. Why go through the trouble? Well, the reason behind that is so that when we go back and fill in, we want to have good loose soil for that the root system to grow into the way it should. Once we've dug our hole, we're going to bring the tree and then we're going to drop it down in the hole.

We want to make sure that when planting that we still leave about six inches of that root ball, right above the ground. We don't want to plant the base of the tree into the ground. Instead, we want a little bit of that root system up above the ground so that the success rate will increase.

Most people don't realize this, but what happens with a Palm tree is if it's in the ground too far, it'll eventually suffocate & kill the roots and won't get proper drainage... and yep, you guessed it! If this happens then your beautiful palm will die. The next thing that we have to do is we fill our whole back up with the proper dirt. One of the things that we highly recommend is our organic top dressing or plant mix to go back into the hole. It Is a good idea to use a little bit of water to fill your hole back in the reason for that. It surrounds the soil around your root so that the roots don't get oxygen because oxygen will kill the root system.

Lastly, be sure to provide the proper support that the palm tree will need, especially during the early stages of its growth and development.