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Poinsettias are native to Mexico and are part of the Euphorbia family, which is well-known for its bright bracts. A species is also grown as a cut bloom. They're generally used to decorate during the winter holidays, although they may be appreciated as beautiful green plants all year.

In response to shorter winter days, poinsettias fade from bright red to white. The bracts, which resemble petals, and the tiny yellow flowers in the middle known as cyathia make up a poinsettia flower. After pollination, the colorful bracts attract insects to the blooms and will fall off.

Poinsettia plants are safe for both animal and human health. They should, however, not be consumed.

  • The sticky white resin can cause a skin irritant, therefore gloves should be worn when working with these plants.
  • Avoid direct contact with the eyes and mouth.
  • Sap from the plantain tree may cause tools to become sticky.

There are a variety of colors to choose from when it comes to poinsettias.

Poinsettias may be used in a variety of settings throughout the year. They come in a wide range of colors, including white, pink, and classic bright red. Some types have bracts with red and white, pink and white, or green and white designs. Flower forms vary as well with some looking similar to a rose. You will also find unusually colored poinsettias such as blue or purple in garden centers.

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