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It might seem like common sense, but you'd be surprised to know how many times we get asked this question...

Last week we answered the question of HOW MUCH mulch do you need. Click HERE if you missed last week's video. By now if you’ve done your research and you’ve determined that mulch is the right option for your beds, it’s time to determine now how much you need.

TIP #1

**So here’s a funny story...when I (Gerrick) first started this business 18 years ago, once I started selling mulch, my wife quickly learned that all conversations about mulch began with how many YARDS of mulch. If someone placed an order for 10 yards of mulch...she literally thought that meant that I was selling enough mulch to provide for 10 residences (side note: before you think I might be in the doghouse, my wife, Dana, has given me permission to share this story!).

TIP #2

We have laughed over the yards of mulch story over the years...but in all actuality, how many of you know what a yard of mulch really is?Let’s discuss how to measure your flower beds to determine how many yards of mulch you need.

The first step is to determine the square footage of each flower bed individually. For example, if your flower bed is 10 feet long and 3 feet deep, you would calculate 10ft X 3ft to get a square footage total of 30.Obviously, the thicker you apply, the less square footage it will cover. At four inches thick, a yard would cover 75 ft.

TIP #3

So, if we select a 2 inch application, in this case we would take 900 sq ft divided by 150 sq ft and that would give us a total of 6 yards of mulch needed. If we decided to apply the product at 4 inches thick, we would divide 900 by 75 and determine that 12 yards of mulch would be needed. I hope this helps you as you are estimating your yard for ground cover products. If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Where Can The Best Mulch Be Found?

We sell mulch and pinestraw at all our Taylor’s locations and any member of our team can help you determine what product and how much you will need. We sell colored mulch in bags (13.5 bags equal 1 cubic yard) and also in bulk. You can place orders for delivery, or if you have a truck, we can load the bed of your truck at any of our locations.

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    Loved the story about Gerrick’s wife! But hey — I don’t blame her! But I digress…..thanks for the good info; very helpful. Can’t believe we really need 10 yards!!

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