You’re Doing It Wrong: Landscaping and Gardening Mistakes

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Landscaping is considered a skill for a reason. It is not easy at all! Though it may look simple to some, landscaping in Okatie, Hilton Head Island, and Bluffton, SC actually takes a lot of hard work and knowledge about plants, irrigation, pests, etc.

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Common Landscaping and Gardening Mistakes

Read the most common landscaping and gardening mistakes listed below to find out if you need to do things differently:

Starting without a plan

Having a plan is a vital aspect of every project, not just in gardening. Planning allows you to see the full picture of what you will be working hard to achieve.

You can start by using landscaping software and making a list of plants that you would like to grow. Make sure that you do your research and create a budget. If necessary, seek help from a professional.

Planting too close together

It is essential for groups of perennials, shrubs, and trees to have plenty of room to spread. Otherwise, they will look choked and overgrown. This also causes plants to compete for food and water, putting the clusters at risk, especially during drought.

Research on how high and wide the mature plant will be and then combine that info with the spacing suggestions on planting labels. They might look a bit sparse at first, but within three years, they’ll be looking lush and healthy.

Neglecting your front yard

People tend to focus so much on their backyard garden but fail to give any attention to their front yard. This should not be the case. Remember, curb appeal is very important and your front yard is the very first thing that people can see when they look at your house.

Using too many ornaments

You know how people say, “There is beauty in simplicity”? The same is true for landscaping. Do not commit the same mistake that beginners often make — putting too many ornaments in their landscape. This somewhat takes away the entire idea of being close to nature.

Use small, subtle ornaments that complement your outdoor space and fits the style of your garden.

Not implementing the appropriate irrigation

Irrigation is one of the most important aspects of gardening. Plan a proper irrigation structure at the beginning of your project and don’t make it an afterthought. Each plant in your landscaping may have different watering needs, and an irrigation system should take that into account.

Another thing that you might want to consider is concealing irrigation lines. Visible irrigation can really mess up a pretty design. Remember, aesthetics should go with functionality.

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Having the right technique along with the best products will help you achieve the landscape or garden that you have always wanted.

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