🍊 CITRUS NOW IN STOCK 🍊 | Taylor's Quality Landscape Supply & Nursery

Taylors Quality Landscape Supply is happy to announce that we have just received new citrus plants.

These plants are a great way to add some color and life into your garden this spring.

Citrus trees can be used as an edible fruit, they're fragrant, easy to care for, and beautiful! If you're looking for something different in your garden this year make sure you stop by Taylors Quality Landscape Supply and check out our new arrivals of citrus trees.

Plus, we JUST got a huge truckload of fresh pine straw. More updates coming soon, y’all!

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More Products Coming to our Expanding Hilton Head Island, SC Location

As the winter months are coming to an end, gardeners and landscapers alike are starting to think about what they will plant in their gardens this year. Taylors Quality Landscape Supply is happy to announce that we have a brand new shipment of citrus plants arriving today!

Citrus plants make great additions to any garden or landscape design because they provide beauty, fragrance, food (lemonade!), and many more desirable qualities. Citrus plants are a great addition to any garden and can be used in containers, planters, or even as a focal point. Although citrus trees have been around for centuries, they're still loved today because of their beauty and the sweet fruit that they produce.

These beautiful plants come in many varieties including: Meyer lemon trees, Valencia orange tree's, sour sop tree's (aka key lime), calamondin orange tree's and grapefruit trees.
All these new arrivals already have flowers on them which means you'll be able to enjoy fresh fruits this summer!

Stop by TODAY if you want some of these Citrus Plants at our Bluffton, SC location!