NEW! Palm Trees Have Arrived at Taylor's in Bluffton, SC!

A palm tree is one of the most iconic things that symbolize the our area of the Lowcountry.

How to Care for Palm Trees

It's crucial to prepare your new Palm Trees from Taylor's Landscape Supply site correctly after you've chosen the greatest location for them on your property. Sulfur is a soil amendment that should be used to alleviate excessively alkaline soil.

Sulfur should be used to correct excessively alkaline soil. Palm tree roots will spread throughout the region and should have access to these nutrients many feet from the trunk, so organic nutrients should be applied over a wide area.

When planting a palm tree, make sure to keep the trunk above ground level. decaying If you bury the trunk in dirt, this may occur. Water the root ball before backfilling the hole. Mulches should be spread several feet (1 to 1.5 m) from the trunk out around the root zone over time to aid in long-