Bamboo Trees Now at Taylor's Landscape Supply in Bluffton

Bamboo's popularity in diverse sectors and industries has helped it become an essential part of human existence. As a result of its extensive usage, bamboo culture emerged.

A Brief History of Bamboo


The plant was revered for its beauty, and people came to see it as a symbol of hope. People began to respect bamboo and associated it with good meanings. The plant is often seen as a sign of beauty and regeneration or resistance. In addition to being used in everyday life, which helped create this culture, bamboo has been utilized throughout history.

Bamboos have been documented in human civilizations for over 7,000 years, but the plant has been around even longer.

Continue reading to learn about bamboo's long history.

  1. Over 5,000 years ago, the Chinese discovered that bamboo made for excellent building material. Paper and books were first created from bamboo between 200 BCE and 200 CE. That also brought about China's classification of over 60 identified plant types during the third to fifth centuries. The more people learned about it, the more they wanted to utilize it.
  2. Bamboo was utilized as an interior construction material by the Ming Dynasty, which began in 1300. The plant was used to make bedding and flooring for people's homes. This usage expanded bamboo's reputation as a building material for both inside and outside use.
  3. The Tang Dynasty invented bamboo musical instruments beginning in the 600s. With this bamboo usage, the material acquired an even greater cultural impact. Bamboo has inspired art, poetry and music as well as being used in cultural dishes and meals in other cultures.

In the late 1990s, Chinese inventors created a method for bamboo to appear and feel like hardwood. Manufacturers produced a robust alternative to hardwood flooring and boards by cutting and planing the bamboo stalks into planks. China and Japan utilized laminated bamboo as a flooring material in the 19th century.

Bamboo Selection at Taylor's Landscape Supply in Bluffton, South Carolina

This is going to be our Alphonse Karr. So, it's going to have a very vibrant leaf on it. The newer plants can be a little bit more of like a lime green going into a darker green for the aged leaves. If you look down at the canes, they're going to be of striped green and yellow.

So, this is very much an eye attractant to add to your yard. This is going to be a clumping bamboo, easy to maintain. It's going to gradually get wider within its clump. It's not going to spread. It's a great time to plant these. Now they're going to need a lot of water going into the heat of the summer. Planning the now it's going to reduce the amount of stress that's going to be on the plant.

Great for privacy, not going to have a lot of issues, as far as being invasive or bothering your other plants. This, one's going to be called your Golden Goddess. So it's going to have a solid green leaf and a solid green cane. It's also going to be very dense, like the Alphonse Karr, but it's not going to have the variegated striping in it. It's going to be the same care on it. Going to get a max height of about 15 ft pan to get a little bit higher, but it's going to be easy to maintain as well, going to be clumping, not spreading very attractive. And as a Lacy appearance into your yard.

The last variety we're going to carry is going to be my personal favorite is called, Graceful. It is a newer variety and this cane is going to get fairly large. You can see there's not as many in the pot as there is for the Golden Goddess and the Alphonse Karr. This one is going to be more of a specimen. So it's going to be similar to like a Japanese maple. You want this one to be a spotlight in your yard. Easy to care for grows fairly fast within its clump. Not gonna spread...



Bamboo is Simply a Great Plant

Bamboo is going to be a great plant, whether you've had them for years or whether you're looking at the accident to your garden. They can be maintained a little bit shorter, similar to a hedge, or let them grow and be beautiful and add an Asian look to your yard in general, it's an easy to care for a plant, little maintenance to it. After it's established, you need to know water, put it in your garden, let it go and enjoy the beauty of it.