Bamboo Trees Now at Taylor's Landscape Supply in Bluffton
Bamboo is going to be a great plant, whether you've had them for years or whether you're looking at the accident to your garden. They can be maintained a little bit shorter, similar to a hedge, or let them grow and be beautiful and add an Asian look to your yard in general, it's an easy to care for a plant, little maintenance to it. After it's established, you need to know water, put it in your garden, let it go and enjoy the beauty of it.
Pansies, Viola, Snapdragons, & More Arriving Weekly
Taylor's Landscape Supply is your one stop, local landscape supply shop! Every week, Pansy and snapdragon flowers are being delivered to Taylor's Landscape Supply in Bluffton! Taylor's is the greatest spot to get all of your landscaping supplies. Taylor's has...
New White River Rocks | See New Arrivals from Taylor's Landscape Supply in Summerville, SC
Taylor's Landscape Supply provides a large range of landscaping supplies and professional services, including delivery, palm tree planting, bouldering, and the use of tractors or large equipment for big trees.